These pages were created to share Akka’s journey with those who couldn’t be here.

I found it impossible to capture the profundity, the mundane and the totality of this special time. I am sure that I have not done justice to everyone’s very personal experience, especially that of my family. For that I offer my sincerest apologies and ask your forgiveness.

Thank you to all who took and shared their photos and videos.

Since Akka’s death I renewed my passion for hospice and hospice palliative care. This website now also hosts the Support and Resources for Death and Dying pages that you may want to refer to if you find yourself on a similar journey. There is a lot of very helpful information here, including where to get support and how to navigate the system. If you would like to chat about your circumstances, please feel free to reach out by email here. In the meantime, you can start  looking at the tips, lessons learned and resources here.

Thank you for embarking on this trip!

From: Andrew Dumbrille <andrew.dumbrille@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 11:08 AM
Subject: always on my mind
To: akka janssen <akkajanssen@gmail.com>


You’re not far from my thoughts most moments,

always on my mind.

When the wind blows, a memory dances by of you

When the light on the creek shines, an image of you comes to mind

When a bird song catches my ear, a thought of you appears.

You’re always on my mind



always on my mind

Poetry by Akka from Lee (Snackamain)

…I went back and looked at Akkas glorious emails and created these poems straight from her writing, with very little editing.  Lisa Cupolo – Bausch

Oiseau at Lake Superior
By Akka Janssen (Lisa Cupolo)

I am that person howling with you at the moon
Yet we couldn't see it, we didn't move one step.

That was you too on those rocks looking out over Superior
taking your clothes off and jumping in.

We're still there, an invisible string,
A straight line connecting us to it,

Think of the thousands of lines connecting us
to every point and every person we've ever been.


Oiseau at Lake Superior