march 6

​Hello everyone,

It may take a village to raise a child but it clearly also takes a village to allow the child to die at home. Thank you for being that village. In addition to Akka’s new constant companion, a pain medication pump that is on continuously, all of you are allowing her to live here surrounded by the beauty that nourishes her each day.

Akka has slowed down tremendously, eats less and sleeps more. Her spirit remains strong and she continues to meet the daily changes with courage and grace. She is, for the most part, pain-free and relatively comfortable. The medication, the nurses, all of you and your gestures, the treats, the sheepskins, foot rubs, shopping and running errands, the many meals and creative expressions of support are a true blessing. Please know that she is very aware and grateful for all of this and to each of you. Even if you do not see or hear from her directly she is thinking of and thanking you very specifically.

In the early mornings when Akka has the most energy, she moves gently around her home rearranging the flowers and tidying up, keeping everything fresh and pretty as she always has. It is a pleasant place to be.

If you want to be part of or just follow the village activity you can join here:

With ongoing gratitude.