Memorial Gathering

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Everything was recorded. Please go to Tributes and Songs to listen.

The Maberly Town Hall, already a quaint space, was transformed and made beautiful with Paul’s hellebore art at the entry, Akka’s cloths hanging on the walls, Heidi’s flowers on every table, beeswax candles everywhere, Bonma’s teacups, Helen’s incredible baking (Akka’s memorial menu) and all the lovely people that filled the room.

Matt awesomely played most of the songs Akka had chosen. Akka’s best friend Nadine and another best friend Natale Ghent made fitting tributes, Nina Richmond (Alan’s sister-in-law and friend of Akka’s) beautifully sang Hallelujah  and Nango courageously took the stage to sing Nango’s song for Akka.

Click here for a few more photos and to listen to the Tributes and Songs.