Oiseau at Lake Superior

Poetry by Akka from Lee (Snackamain)

…I went back and looked at Akkas glorious emails and created these poems straight from her writing, with very little editing.  Lisa Cupolo – Bausch

Oiseau at Lake Superior
By Akka Janssen (Lisa Cupolo)

I am that person howling with you at the moon
Yet we couldn't see it, we didn't move one step.

That was you too on those rocks looking out over Superior
taking your clothes off and jumping in.

We're still there, an invisible string,
A straight line connecting us to it,

Think of the thousands of lines connecting us
to every point and every person we've ever been.

I See Such Beauty By The River
By Akka Janssen (Lisa Cupolo)

A big blue heron soaring on its mighty wings,
a beautiful brilliant red cardinal couple swaying
on the stalks of the tall tawny grasses by the river bank,

gold finches flitting,
canada geese zooming across the surface
of the river--pumping hard. and all the
colours of winter. so muted
and yet so alive.

Alfred’s Canoe 
by Akka Janssen (Lisa Cupolo)

He has a canoe.
little spontaneous adventures

I texted him before the full moon
‘let's go see moon rise on the river.’

The day after the full moon
was out-of-this-world beautiful

Both shores of the river sparkling with fireflies
the reflection of the trees in the water in the dusky twilight

I was floating in air.
A heron, every now and then, swoosh up and out

The tall dark grasses along the shores.
Bullfrogs doing their baritone thing.

And the moon, sweetie!
The open water just as the moon was rising!

Big and yellow.
Feels like a magical kingdom at times.
Akka Lisa March 25.jpg
Akka and Lee when she was visiting from California on March 25.