“the sailor of this ship is no longer me”

Akka’s changing body is concerning; her tummy continues to swell, while the rest of her disappears. Will it explode? Her feet and legs are swollen. She has a fever every evening.

On March 8 Wally dies in Toronto. The timing could not have been more difficult. Rest in Peace, Wally. Akka is majorly impacted and goes through a rough period emotionally. The weather isn’t helping. And yet, in spite of all, Akka has some of her best days including a visit from her best friend, Lee, from California.

By the end of the month, her belly is so swollen she goes in to Ottawa for another procedure; an abdominal catheter. 8 litres are drained and her insides have to readjust, she is greatly relieved, yet wobbly and tender around the incision. She lets go again: no more baths.