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We are here to support you. Please email me.

If you’d like to chat briefly or in depth, before, during or after your or a loved one’s death, please reach out. (If it’s post death it might be a little difficult to reach you :)). I consult with experts and professionals in the field.

When it comes to hospice palliative care, I consult regularly with Janet Douglass, a seasoned and compassionate Palliative Care Nurse. For practical matters after death, I turn to Lisa Brunet, a wise and licensed Funeral Director.

Below you can read a bit about each of us.

Anne amongst the calendula 2018

My passion is to see people die where they are most comfortable – which is usually at home, but not necessarily. I am a networker, communicator, coordinator, organiser, advocate and navigator. I am naturally drawn to being with the elderly and those who need care at end of life. I volunteer and am trained in hospice and currently actively engaged as a Caregiver Representative on local and regional working groups to improve the quality of and accessibility to hospice palliative care. I facilitate and present the Practical Caregiver Training Series for unpaid caregivers caring for elderly loved ones or those with a terminal illness. My other passion is our off-grid homestead at Creek’nTree Farm where I grow vegetables for ourselves and the community as well as healing herbs for Woman Divine in Ottawa.

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Janet and Beth
Janet and her youngest daughter, Beth, February 2019

Janet Douglass is a Palliative Care Nurse with decades of personal and professional experience. Janet is a gem in the end of life and palliative care scene in this region. I have not met anyone else like her: she has the medical experience, the grace, the wisdom, the compassion, the intellect and the assertiveness required to be with, care for and support anyone at end of life and at death. She has the unique knack to know exactly what to do, the medical expertise to demand it and the guts to do what she can to make it happen.  I saw this in action when Akka was in the last hours of death at emerg in Perth. In 2016, Janet was nominated for an award of excellence and being a “shining example” of palliative care at the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital. Janet and her husband, Erwin are Elders at their church in McDonalds Corners.

Lisa Brunet

Lisa Brunet – Licensed Freelance Funeral Director

Lisa has been involved in the world of death and funerals for 25 years and has worked for several funeral homes in Ontario. It feeds her spirit to meet with families and help provide them with a way of honouring their loved one.  What stopped feeding her spirit was the way in which funeral homes operated and the limited options that people were provided. She feels there are amazing alternatives that already exist, right here in our community.  These alternatives not only reduce the carbon footprint, they actually give back to the earth. Lisa can help with Funerals, Celebrations of Life, Memorials, Consultation regarding pre-arrangements and at time of death, and the changing options in death services. (Green funerals, Green burials, Aquamation, etc…).